Mama Africa: 5 Traits That Describe The African Mother

The mama! What we wouldn’t do for the mama? Center of their children’s world, they are their alpha and even their omega on Earth. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the Wanda Team pays tribute to the African mother by highlighting 5 particular traits that define her.

1. Mama Africa is a mother hen

Mama Africa.jpg

As soon as her baby is born, nothing matters more than him. Ready to give her life for her little one, she hugs him and protects him from danger. She breastfeeds him wherever he is; she even carries him on her back when she goes to the field. When she wants to, Mama Africa is an angel. But don’t mistake this for a panacea ohhhh!

2. Meals on Wheels – 9 out of 10 dishes have no secrets for her

Women cooking with her kid.jpg

Happy African American mother, daughter and son preparing spaghetti and vegetables for lunch over a kitchen sink.

Oh yes, yes! No need for a recipe book. Mama Africa is a culinary bible all by herself. Her mastery of the local gastronomy is amazing and we can hardly count on the fingers of one hand the dishes she doesn’t know how to concoct. No question of locking herself into a locality, the African mother explores recipes from elsewhere for the gustatory pleasure of her offspring.

3. Conscientious – Concerned about the success of her child

Mother teaching her kid.jpg

Mother helping son with homework at home

A mother’s struggle is the success of her child. Even more so in Africa where the social context is difficult. For this reason, Mama Africa takes the education of her child to heart. The after-school supervision at home is meticulous. Homework must be done. Lessons must be learned. There is no question of neglecting the future of the country’s future president.

4. Stern around the edges – ready to snipe when needed

Women beating her child.jpg

Women beating her child

Because Mama Africa is above all a ferocious lioness! Physically as well as verbally, she has a lot to say. One silly thing can’t go unpunished. And who says punishment says generally chicote! And it hurts, massa! Especially since anything that passes through Mama Africa’s hand can be used as an instrument: banana tree stem, belt, gas pipe, sandal… Love the African way!

5. Warm – always happy to receive guests

Mama Africa should be seen when guests arrive.jpg

Mama Africa should be seen when guests arrive. If there are 5 guests, she will prepare for 10! Everyone must eat their fill. To make her guests comfortable is a moral duty, a precept of life. Africa is about conviviality, and the African mother has understood this well.

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