Ang3lina Ready to Leave Music In 2022

Ugandan singer and producer based in London, England, Angela Nabuufu Kintu, popularly known by her stage name as ‘Ang3lina’, has declared that 2022 will be her last year in music.


Ang3lina ready to leave music in 2022


This Sunday, the 25-year-old artist, woke up in a chatty mood before dropping a revelation that many of her fans found hard to believe. Through her Twitter account, the self-proclaimed “That Girl From Uganda” revealed that after more than 8 years of music career, she would like to stop already. Clearly, next year will be Ang3lina’s last in the music industry.

The singer hinted that she wants to venture “into other things” and that her next project, which should be released later this year, will be her last. “Next year will be my last year in music. Your daughter wants to venture into other things. That’s why I want to make sure this project I release is the best thing I’ve ever released. Good music that will play for a lifetime,” she tweeted.

On the other hand, Ang3lina, who had not matured her communication strategy well, ended up removing her tweet, a few hours later. What left its followers very perplexed. Many believe that she had already given up the idea of stopping her musical career from 2022. What is it really?


To recall, Ang3lina started her music career around 2013 and has managed to release some top songs for her fan base that keeps growing over the years. On her latest song titled “Mercy”, Ang3lina features Honourable from Jamaica and the visuals are coming out soon.

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