Secrets of Embroidery and Sewing Combination on Fashion Garments

The facility to blend embroidery stitching and construction stitching can be seen in the Brother Se400 Combination sewing and embroidery machine. The touch panel can be configured to work in either mode by changing the settings in the home screen. You may also perform embroidery and sewing operations on the same piece of fabric. One of the main features of this machine is to backup the stitches in case of any errors, which is detected by the machine. The buzzer lets you know about the error instantly.

Sewing Mode

Brother Se400 Combination sewing and embroidery machine

While the machine is sewing mode it gives you many options for selecting the type, fabric positioning and using the presser foot.

  • The stitch setting menu on the screen contains options for straight stitch, triple stretch, stretch, basting. Zigzag, over casting and other extended types.
  • You can set the stitching length and width to auto mode or manual mode by clicking the associated button on screen. Twin needle option can be used for any type of stitches except basting and few operations of zigzag and overcastting.
  • The button for decorative stitching can be used to perform hemming, ribbon threading, smocking, etc. The automated thread tension system can be used to vary the application of force for light, medium and heavy weight fabrics.
  • The feature called overcastting gives you the option to stitch the fabric edges. This will prevent the fabric from fraying. You may use the combination of touch panel settings and presser foot for using the 15 inbuilt types of overcastting styles.
  • The side cutter of the machine can be used to finish the seam allowances according to your choice. You can get to know more about the other features once you start using the machine.

Embroidery Mode

Once you set the machine to embroidery mode, the screen can be used for selection of pattern, thread color, design, needle position, width settings, color number and name, buzzer setting and many other related options. Pressing a specific menu object may lead to the sub pages where many sub options may be used. This makes the machine highly versatile in design and applications. The facility to use the embroidery foot gives you additional options.

  • Using the embroidery frame gives you control over the speed and thread tension. When you place the fabric for embroidery you should make sure there is sufficient space between the foot of the presser and the bottom of the needle.
  • The pattern selection menu gives you displays all the inbuilt patterns. You may also import your own patterns and designs from the external source. This can be done by connecting a computer through USB port to the machine.
  • Apart from embroidery pattern, the machine provides patterns for characters and frames within the embroidery card.
  • The embroidery screen has 6 basic keys for navigation, settings, embroidery unit and frame adjustments and saving of patterns and characters. You can even track the needle progress during the process of embroidering. You can get to know more about the other features once you start using the machine.