Torrenting Sites 2017

Torrent Sites are websites which provide content such as movies, videos, software’s, games, audio files and windows operating systems to name a few. These sites are illegal and provide pirated content via pier to pier sharing. It is unfair to all the movie producers and game developers.  But it is a way of life. Not everyone can buy games worth 50-60 dollars or buy tickets worth 10-12 pounds for one movie.  That’s why it kind of tips the scale in favor of the poor. Some people can’t even afford internet connectivity let alone torrent sites. So this piracy kind of tips the odds in favor of the lower class of individuals. There is a vast change in the market of torrent sites.  Every year due to the continuous opening of newer ones and closing down of older ones.  Due to the blocking of domains or controversial events.

 I will list down the torrent sites 2017 so that users have a view to which site they should be using in the ongoing year:

  1. The Pirate Bay:

  According to research and published articles on, the Pirate Bay has an estimated 231 unique monthly users that are the pace of which the website is growing each month.  If you take out a daily average of the above-given figure, an estimated 7.7 unique users are joining in each day.  If the torrent site keeps on going at this rate it will continue in the way it is; it can be the king of torrenting sites in the future.  As well and keep on doing as it has been done in the past years and be the provider of everything the users demand or require.

  1. YTS:

 YTS has been the pinnacle of quality for users for some years now.  This torrenting site has always provided people with either a 720 or 1080 print of the movies or tv show being asked for by the people. This site depends more upon quality rather than quantity. It provides fewer choices available for everyone.  But still, the quality is the one reason for its popularity. People far and wide recommend this site to their friends and other known accolades in their social circle to pick up a torrent from YTS to get the best print in the lowest amount of time.

  1. IsoHunt:

 IsoHunt is another online torrent site. It provides users with the options of browsing, searching, uploading and downloading torrent files.  Mostly have entertainment purposes and lay in the category of movies, tv shows or audio files. The site, unfortunately, came to an end when law suits against the owner on copyrights infringement intensified. But a new IP address within one week of the closure of the original site replaced it successfully keeping its users provided.

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