Incredible Ways of How to Make Your Boobs Bigger

Some of the most incredible ways of how to make your boobs bigger can be implemented through simple methods of supplement and diet management along with physical workouts and regular massaging of the boobs. They are far superior and natural compared to the methods of surgery, steroids and other artificial techniques of injecting drugs and chemicals into your body. The results of these methods are assured and free from negative side effects. You can rely on their quality as they are based on natural ingredients and methods. The aim is to augment boob size, enhance the firmness and beauty as well as eliminate all the signs of aging in our breasts within a few months.

how to make your boobs biggerHow to Make Your Boobs Bigger through Augmentation Techniques

The female breasts are essentially milk producing glands which also generate many of the sex hormones. The fundamental shape is conical. The location of the breasts is major muscles of pectoralis. This muscle is made of inter-costal muscles, vessels and nerves. There are totally 6 ribs within the muscular region which forms the base of the breasts. The formation of the boobs above this layer consists of ducts, fatty tissues, connecting ligaments, lobules and the ducts. Since they are all interconnected, the entire growth of breasts depends on the growth and expansion of the cells and tissues in each part of these organs.

  • The first technique of how to make your boobs bigger is dependent on the supplements. They can be in the form of pills, cream, oil or lotion. The best of such supplements usually contains natural ingredients like the fenugreek, dong quai, kelp, fennel, dandelion, watercress and blessed thistle.
  • The role of these ingredients is to boost the generation of hormones responsible for breast augmentation. The main among them are the progesterone and estrogen. They in turn activate the hormones like the Prolactin, IGF-1 and the growth hormones within the breasts.
  • Fatty tissues expansion in the retro-mammary layer and the mammary layer is responsible for the increase in breast volume. The vertical projection and horizontal expansion of the breasts happen uniformly when the breasts are subject to massaging and physical workouts. Here you need to observe the importance of both the methods. The workout methods increase the stability, strength, flexibility, stress elimination ratio as well as expansion ratio of the cells and tissues. On the other hand the massaging techniques increase the production and quality of Prolactin and growth hormones within the breasts. The consumption of nutritious foods enhances the quality of breast augmentation. The foods are responsible for retaining large quantities of fluids with minerals, vitamins, proteins and nutrients. They keep the supply of essential energy to the breasts.

how to make your boobs biggerHow to Make Your Boobs Bigger with Hormones

The IGF-1 and growth hormones are responsible for the large scale reproduction of breast cells in all the tissues, including the skin. They cause the expansion of the superficial fascia region by geometric proportions within the time of few months. The consistent generation of these hormones forms the basis of how to make your boobs bigger.