What Are The Causes Of Pollen Allergy?

Spring is the season most people wait for. The flowers are everywhere in the spring season that makes the atmosphere alluring. The trees are loaded with the green leaves and make it the most beautiful thing on the earth. But for some people spring season is not fascinated as they suffer from pollen allergy. It becomes quite difficult for them to enjoy the spring season due to the allergy. If they even try to enjoy the weather, they end up activating the allergy that makes their condition miserable. So in this article, we will discuss the causes of Pollen Allergy.

What Is It?

Though spring is the season where everything looks alive, for many it is a difficult season to pass. Those are the people who suffer from the Pollen Allergy. According to the research, pollen is one of the most popular causes of allergies. For those who do not know about this type of allergy here is a simple definition.

The people, who suffer from pollen allergies, have an adverse immune response. We all know that the immune system defends the body. The immune system starts producing chemicals to fight against pollen, it is the allergic reaction.

Types Of Pollen Allergies:

Pollen is a powder produced by the flowers, trees, grasses, and weeds, etc.  Following are the types of pollen allergies that may cause a problem for some people in the spring:

·         Oak allergy

·         Grass allergy

·         Ragweed allergy

·         Birch allergy

Symptoms Of The Allergy:

You should be aware of the symptoms of allergy so that you could visit the doctor in case you are having these symptoms:

·         Increases asthmatic reaction

·         Nasal congestion

·         Runny nose

·         Sinus pressure

·         Itchy throat

·         Watery eyes

·         Itchy eyes

·         Swollen eyes

·         Less sense of smell and taste

You should immediately visit the doctor if you find these symptoms. You can ensure by visiting a doctor that you are not suffering from this allergy. Do not waste your time if you have these symptoms because the case may become worse. An allergist will diagnose that whether you are a victim of this allergy or not.

Home Remedies:

Once you have diagnosed with the allergy, you need a doctor to treat it. But there are some home remedies as well that might help you in avoiding it. If you have the allergy, then do not dry your clothes in the open environment. Try to dry them inside the home or in a dryer. Vacuum the carpet daily to remove any pollen got stuck in the threads.

Remove the clothes and wash them after coming home. Use air condition in the car and home. Eat food recommended by the doctor. Follow the doctor’s advice and take medicines on time.  Wear a dust mask going outside. Try to spend most of the time inside the house in spring. But obviously you cannot sit inside the house all the time so take precautionary measures.