Empowerment of the Elderly with Siu Tran

Understanding the flow of life takes more than logic and reasoning. Siu Tran seems to have realized it early in his life when he started working with the elders at the West Sunshine community centre. Most of the seniors who came into contact with him had spent active life during their professional careers. They had many skills which had gone unobserved so far. By exposing them to the internet, Tran Siu could make them identify their own potential practically. Soon they were able to learn how best they could utilize the potentials for continuing professional and business life which they had forgotten for a long time.

Siu Tran

Exploring Possibilities with Siu Tran

 Making the elderly realize the need for change is said to be a hard task, especially for a youngster like Siu Tran. The conditioned mind may refuse to accept changes for the fear of uncertainty. For example you could consider a person being conditioned to using traditional methods for accounting. Making him realize the benefits of a spreadsheet could be difficult. Tran Siu came across many such situations while training the elderly in using the latest tools from the internet.

  • Gradually the elders started appreciating the benefits of technology through the internet classes conducted by Siu Tran. They were able to “see” the development of applications and tools in almost every field of everyday life. Soon they joined the stream of modern thinking. This proved to the point of no return for them wherein they started adopting the latest software and hardware tools in all possible aspects of their life.
  • The concept of conducting internet classes also opened up the opportunities for exchanging ideas among the community members. Soon they realized their hidden talents and potentials they had hardly recognized earlier.
  • Today the internet trained elders are able to share the path of progress and prosperity with many other friends. Since then the community has grown in numbers.

Sharing Joyous Moments with Siu Tran

Siu Tran has also learnt many things from the elders with whom he worked relentlessly in imparting training. Traditional values like the resistance to addictions, respect for fellow community members, family and social responsibility are some of the aspects which he cultivated from them.

By sharing these values with the children and youth he has been able to mold their limitless energy in a responsible and committed manner. You can find many of the youth following the footsteps left behind by their seniors towards doing community services.

Siu TranTran Siu has taught the elders to enjoy their everyday life by overcoming frustrations and depression. Most of these feelings were created by their subconscious mind due to the feelings of underachievement. Once they started working in the fields of their interest, their deep sense of creativity naturally got fired up.

Today you could see almost all of the elders in the western sunshine community sharing their joyous moments of life with each other and Siu Tran. The VCE achiever award given to Tran Siu is in recognition of empowering the elders to get back on their feet and move ahead in life.