Speckyfoureyes – Transform your Vision within Few Seconds

At Speckyfoureyes we help in transforming your vision within few seconds. You will be able to read without hassles, protect your eyes from UV and change and change the way you look. We have been specialising in the field of eye care and protection since many years. We pioneered the introduction of ready-made reading glasses when the others were still busy in making the glasses after testing. Our approach saves your time besides braining you the products with best of precision.

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Our clients come from all age groups from kids to the seniors. We have a unique range of dedicated designs for each age group depending on your preferences and the current trends.

  • Updates: – We keep updating our inventory based on the changing trends in fashion and style. This is one of the biggest reasons for the vast numbers of customers we have. You will be able to find any model, brand, design and colour of your choice.
  • Supplies: – We are supported by a vast range of manufacturers and suppliers from all over Europe and rest of the world. We work closely with the two entities to get the right supply of products at the right time.
  • Quality: – Our basic criterion of customer commitment is the quality of products we bring you. Our expert teams test the products under extreme conditions (recommended) and approve them. We also pay special attention to the range of designs, shapes, colours and patterns. Our Quality Assurance department takes care of handling all the customer complaints round the clock. We are quick enough in implementing the corrective and preventive measures. So our quality standards keep progressing consistently with time.

Speckyfoureyes – Greatest Range of Products

  • Strength: – The tensile strength of the frames and glasses are ensured by our QA at Speckyfoureyes. All our products are tested for resistance to climatic conditions without any type of deformation. This is due to the strength of materials we choose.
  • Flexibility: – Apart from strength, our products are highly flexible in nature. This feature allows you to wear them across all the seasons without fear of contraction and expansion. We ensure the shape of our glasses stay between your two ears.
  • Elite Class: – All our products belong to the elite class which is made just for you. It is our Endeavour to bring all the ranges of products at economically feasible prices.
  • Style: – The ranges of our product styles are from classical to the most strikingly modern in nature. You can make the best selection based on your requirement.

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Jogging strollers for the overall fitness of new mothers

Being a mother is a wonderful feeling. This situation comes with so much of responsibility and also physical changes.  The post pregnancy comes with hormonal changes and huge weight gain.  So it is very much important to take care of health as well as the kids. But doing these two at a same time is a big problem for the new mothers. It is not possible to leave the child at the home or avoiding fitness program that will lead to physical problems. If a mother is having two kids then double jogger stroller is the best solution for them. That will help them to reduce weight while carrying the babies for a walk.

double jogger stroller

This is an excellent way to be with the kids while talking care of the personal needs. There are many types of strollers are available in the market, with so many interesting features and comfortable arrangements for babies. To name few good double jogger strollers are Baby jogger summit X3 Double stroller, Baby Revolution Flex Duallie, BOB Ironman Duallie, Thule urban guide 2.  These strollers are widely used by the mothers.

Important factors to be considered at the time of buying strollers:

Most of the strollers are available with more or less same qualities.Like the sizes of the canopies are same and the seats of the stroller can get easily reclined.  But some of the features of the double jogger strollers also vary. To buy the perfect one which suits the need of the individual one need to find out some answers of a few questions for the perfect decision.

What is the need for the double jogger strollers only for jogging or for everyday walking: If the plan is to use it in  both situations, then it is better to use a stroller which is having a lock in the wheels. So that it can be used for strolling by unlocking the wheels and for a simple evening walk by locking those wheels for comfortable evening walk.  So if you are planning for only jogging purposes, then must buy stroller with the front wheels with locksystem.

Number of children: Do by a double jogger stroller if you have two kids. So that with can go for  jogging at the same time you can even take the kids. Or if you are having one kids and planning to have another then do by double jogger strollers. This type will be easier than buying two different strollers.

Features related to convenience: Among the availability of the strollers some strollers are having some premium features like hand brake and adjustable handle. If you are planning to give more importance to convenience then these two features are must at the time of buying.  Hand brake will allow controlling the speed and also checking the speed when needed and adjustable hand brake will help to control the height of the handle.

Depending on these important factors one can even decide the best jogger stroller for the kids for fitness as well as taking the children along.